Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Big Ass Scary Spider

On Monday, I was wandering around in the usual early morning daze. It was a cloudy morning, and I didn't have the light on, but in the half-light I observed a rather large dark spot on the white wall. "What's that?" I asked myself, and flipped the light on. It was a gigantic spider.

Normally I like spiders a lot. I'm always happy to see one in my apartment, as long as it's not actually crawling on me, or trying to drown itself while I'm taking a shower. But this spider was not making me happy. It was too big, and it didn't look like a normal spider.

Most spiders have long slender legs and comparatively small bodies. Also their bodies are shaped in two lobes, like ants or wasps. This spider had a large body and fairly short, thick legs. In fact, I had to count the legs to make sure it really was a spider (and counting legs is not easy to do when you're in the usual early morning daze.) It was brown and had a large white triangle on its back.

I stared at it, counting legs, until it seemed to be aware it was being stared at and ran up the wall. That was even more scary. There's something about large crawling things that sets off an alarm deep inside a person's brain. I kept an eye on it for a while, but before long it disappeared. Then I realized that the only thing worse than seeing a big scary spider is not seeing it, and wondering where it has gotten to.

As far as I can tell from Google, it's not one of the brown recluse spiders that people say are really poisonous. I don't know what kind of spider it is, and I'm still not ready to kill it. But if I see it again, I believe I will catch it (with a glass and a piece of paper) and try to escort it out of the house.

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Generic Lisa said...

Does google offer directions on how to "escort" big scary spiders? Just wondering....I hate spiders!