Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Mourning Doves

Cloudy day, the lightest possible rain falling. Two mourning doves are exploring the ground outside my window. A squirrel runs down the oak tree - just as if they were in nature. Maybe they don't care that the ground is paved?

Mourning doves are brown, and generally travel in pairs. When sitting on the branch of a tree, or a telephone wire, they sit "back to back," each with its head pointing a different way, so they can keep watch everywhere. The "mourning" sound that they make is sad and beautiful.

Doves and pigeons are closely related, but in the city pigeons are considered to be a disgusting nuisance. Doves, as far as I know, have managed to hang on to their sweet reputation. I have not learned to hate pigeons, either.

There's the thought for the day.

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