Friday, February 08, 2008

My Elderly Cats

My cats are thirteen years old (turning fourteen in a couple months.) They're brothers, and they've lived with me since they were little.

Until recently, they never had any health problems. But now the vet tells me that one of them is diabetic and the other one has hyperthyroidism. The diabetic one just got back from spending three days at the vet, being monitored I guess.

The good thing is that both of these conditions are treatable. I just gave my first insulin shot today, with the assistance of the vet's assistant. It's the kind of thing you imagine you could never do. As a matter of fact, the cat barely seems to notice. His brother complains a lot more about the thyroid medicine which has to be shoved into his mouth.

The best thing is that they are still happy and active. That's what really matters. I know that someday we'll have to say goodbye. But hopefully not yet.

I should tell the story about how my cat Indigo got his name.

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