Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fooled by the Web

This morning I was thinking about colonial history, which I do every so often, and it suddenly occurred to me that I couldn't name any Scandinavian colonies (except for Iceland.) Lots of European countries colonized various bits of the rest of the world . . . but the Sweden-Norway-Finland-Denmark contingent? Like I say, I can't think of any.

I thought the Internet could help me out. I did a search on "Scandinavian colonies" and found a very interesting wiki on the subject. Unfortunately, it seems to refer to some alternate history project. I did kind of wonder, when it announced that all Scandinavian countries share the same language. But it had me completely fooled for a good five minutes.

Not the kind of thing I really need. One universe at a time is confusing enough for me, thanks very much. Now I still don't know if any Scandinavian colonies exist in our version of history, or if any Web page can be trusted. What a shock.

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