Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Geese Came Back

I may have mentioned before that I live near a river, and that there are frequently different kinds of wildfowl on the river.

One bird that we have a lot of is Canada geese. I seem to remember hearing that these geese are non-migratory, that they stick around all year. But that might not be entirely true.

After the last heat wave broke (not the one I wrote about, but the one after that), I heard the geese flying overhead one evening. And I realized then that I had not seen or heard anything of them during the heat of the summer. I don't remember when they left. But probably they had a cooler place to go to (how I envied them!) Since then I have seen them around, and heard them. It is a beautiful sound.

The swans were also out on the river recently. There are three of them. Seems like there should be a fourth.

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